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SIPS (Structural Insulated Panels) Buildings

SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) is a construction type which consists of OSB3 panels and insulation material (polystyrene foam) that goes in the middle. In our case, this construction type usually features vertical timber cladding as an extra level and is used for contemporary looking garden rooms and offices. 


sip building floors

The main benefits of this kind of construction can be summarised to be:

1. Higher quality buildings with guaranteed longevity. The building of your choice will be sturdier and have a better ability to withstand unfavourable weather conditions. Besides, the wood will not lose its form over time – there will be no leeway for it to expand or shrink.
2. Best value for money. When you choose a building with SIPs construction, the overall price includes PVC windows and doors, roof covering material, and other elements that would otherwise cost you extra. 
3. Higher quality insulation. Expect the building to have better and longer lasting insulation, including advanced thermal, noise, and moisture insulation.
4. Buildings made with SIPs technology have a modern, sleek look due to vertical cladding and other structural elements, such as PVC windows and doors.

Check out our PREMIUM models made with SIPS technology!

Timber frame buildings

This construction is similar to SIPs construction, except that there are no OSB3 panels and insulation – just the wooden panel construction and cladding. This type of construction is usually used in our wooden garages. 

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The panel construction has two noteworthy benefits:

1. Longevity. The panel construction is more airtight than single or twin skin constructions, as it has more layers that guarantee better insulation qualities. 
2. Its assembly time is shorter in comparison to single skin construction time, as there are less moving parts – the panels are big and it’s easier to put them together. 

That’s a wrap for building construction types, but if there’s a question left unanswered, please contact us by phone at.

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